Huurre refrigeration automation user experiences

Huurre iTOP saves time and gives piece of mind for industry, restaurants, shops, cafés, professional kitchens, wholesalers, logistics centres and pharmaceuticals.

At Huurre, we want to support our customers in all matters and problems related to refrigeration, and to help them with temperature monitoring, control and energy consumption management.

The Huurre iTOP technology and service package already has thousands of users in Finland, Sweden and Russia. With the Huurre iTOP energy services, we help satisfied customers save more than a million euros a year.

Kokkikartano chose Huurre as technology partner

Snellman’s Kokkikartano is a small Finnish food brand that wants to offer Finnish consumers clean and delicious food. Kokkikartano expanded its facilities in the end of 2017. They chose a long-lasting environment-friendly Huurre ECO solution that uses natural CO2. The Huurre system is competitive from the point of view of life cycle and operating costs. It is steered by Huurre iTOP Refrigeration Automation and it includes efficient heat production.

Huurre iTOP monitors Huurre ECO Chiller, heat production and freezer spiral. It also has a central role in an energy project that aims to improve the energy egfficiency of the entire plant. According to calculations, recycling energy can give you annual savings of up to 100,000 euros!

Kokkikartano and Huurre are involved in some pioneering research. Huurre takes part in a project by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland that analyses the effect of production quantitites on the energy consumption of refrigeration systems using data gathered from Kokkikartano.

Huurre iTOP ensures freshness of Baba Food vegetable products

Baba Foods is a Finnish family-run company based in Helsinki. It produces mouth-watering, hand-made vegetarian food. Decades of development together with the best raw materials and absolute freshness guarantee Baba’s unique flavours. The temperature at Baba’s production facilities is controlled by Huurre iTOP.

Baba uses as few preservatives and additives as possible in its products, which means that an unbroken cold chain is vital for the company. Baba Foods used to spend a lot of time monitoring cold rooms and product temperatures. “We want to focus on developing our products and operations, so we welcome refrigeration automation,” says Baba’s Managing Director Tomer Hovav.

Huurre iTOP sensors measure temperatures in Baba’s premises, and an email is sent immediately if there is an emergency.

Baba also uses a Huurre Handheld terminal, which can be used for measuring product temperatures at different stages of production.

Temperature reports were also done by hand at Baba. Now, when the inspector comes to visit, the required reports can be easily found on the Huurre iTOP site customised for Baba.

Huurre iTOP guarantees correct temperatures at Kanta-Hämeen Tuoretuote

Kanta-Hämeen Tuoretuote is one of the largest and most technologically advanced cash and carry businesses in Finland. Its selling point has always been freshness, as its name Tuoretuote, “fresh produce”, suggests. KHTT has been serving retailers, the HoReCa sector and commercial kitchens for more than thirty years.

KHTT has a great variety of produce: fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat and fish as well as alcohol beverages. The product-specific optimum temperatures are maintained in the different storerooms, where monitoring of the temperatures is a vital function. The temperature control in these premises is managed by Huurre iTOP.

Huurre iTOP sensors monitor temperatures, which have set limits. If the temperatures increase or decrease over these limits, the iTOP system sends an automatic alarm. “The alarms are sent directly to my mobile phone”, says Property Manager Marko Virta. “The Huurre iTOP system has worked really well: it’s reliable and easy to use,” he adds.

KHTT does of course also invest in self-monitoring solutions. In addition to the extensive self-monitoring system, the company’s operations are monitored by organisations such as the Customs and the municipal food satefy agency. “Our customised Huurre iTOP pages allow me to easily download reports for the required periods when the inspector comes for a visit,” Marko Virta explains.

Restaurant Ora wants to maximise the trasparency of the production chain

In the new restaurant Ora in Helsinki, the customers can follow live temperature data of Porkka cold cabinets on Huurre iTOP screen.”The freshness of our ingredients is everything to us, and iTOP also helps us to send this message to the inspecting authorities”, says restaurant owner Sasu Laukkonen. He also appreciates that the needed reports are always up-to-date and available.

Restaurant Ora wants to offer its customers only the best Finnish products “from field to fork”. “The season is so short that if you want the best, you have to focus on the main thing. It also gives me peace of mind to know that the storage temperatures are constantly monitored and any deviations are dealt with quickly”, says Laukkonen. “Huurre iTOP is exactly the kind of development this industry needs”, Laukkonen emphasises.

Restaurant owner Sasu Laukkonen and Huurre join forces to promote the endless possibilities offered by locally produced Finnish ingredients in a creative kitchen. This partnership can be seen in articles on gourmet food, blogs and at trade fairs.

Meat sector pioneer Wursti relies on iTOP control

Wursti, a seasoned entrepreneur in the meat industry, chose the Huurre ECO CO2 refrigeration system with the iTOP solution for their Järvenpää factory due to savings and eco-friendliness.

“Huurre iTOP is a convenient tool, and it actually works as promised,” says Jari Saarela, Managing Director of Wursti. Saarela also appreciates the iTOP centre remote monitoring services that simplifies the life of a business owner significantly.

At Wursti, various inspections take about one month’s worth of work days every year. “In performing the inspections, Huurre iTOP reports are a significant improvement compared to the paper stacks we had to work with before,” Saarela explains.

Huurre iTOP also monitors and, if needed, optimises the energy consumption at Wursti. During the first five and half months, the consumption has dropped up to 50%, and better is expected to follow!

State-of-the-art Huurre technology takes Kesko’s energy savings to a new level

Last autumn Huurre renewed the refrigeration at Kesko’s Hakkila KV2 logistics centre with the energy efficient and eco-friendly CO2 system.

“The super-efficient system with the iTOP refrigeration automation provided by Huurre helps Kesko to ensure economic refrigeration plant operation and lowest life cycle costs,” says Aki Ruuskanen, Refrigeration Specialist at Kesko.

Juha Matti Kyntäjä, the Head of Real Estate of Kesko’s Hakkila logistics centre, is satisfied with the Huurre iTOP service package. “iTOP monitors and controls the refrigeration system, adjusting the energy consumption. And this was reflected in the energy bill right after the plant was taken into service,” Kyntäjä says contently.