Unique global alarm service centre 24/7 for the refrigeration systems

Regardless of the equipment manufacturer, our experts help you with all refrigeration-related alarms. You can also choose the unique iTOP refrigeration automation to further boost your alarm management and to gain significant cost savings.

Do not leave your business-critical refrigeration systems vulnerable:

  • We are committed to keeping your business running 24/7
  • Dedicated alarm centre with expert service 24/7
  • Remove overlapping alarm management costs

Huurre alarm centre monitors our customers’ systems 24/7 around the year. We react to alarms and contact request without delay, and take care of any actions required. In addition to technical support, we provide quick fault situation management via remote control. If needed, a professional technician will arrive on the site any time of the day.

Using the advanced iTOP refrigeration automation, our expert can determine what exactly is happening on the site, and what has happened before the fault situation. This means that we can quickly analyse the fault and decide the actions required. Our iTOP solutions are always based on state-of-the-art technology.

Please contact us for service solutions customised to fit your specific needs.